High School Senior Dies in Alabama Car Accident at Railroad Crossing

May 20, 2011 – Railroad Crossing Safety


Lewis Grove Missionary Baptist hosted a funeral service in Wagarville for a local High School student. The Leroy High senior was involved in a train accident over the weekend.

As such, we would like to urge everyone to be extra careful around the tracks on Sunflower Road outside Wagarville.

In 2009, there were almost 2,000 similar incidents at intersections between public roads and railroad tracks. That same year, over 400 people died trespassing on railroad property. The bottom line is, trains are dangerous and all Alabama residents should exercise caution when near railroad tracks.

In this particular case, the teenager was just weeks from graduation. Tragedies like this remind us all to take railroad crossings serious, even in rural areas.



Follow These Practical Tips for Railroad Crossing Safety:


  1. Increase your level of awareness during times of low visibility or bad weather
  2. Don’t fool yourself into thinking the trains always run on the same schedule
  3. NEVER think you can outrun a train
  4. Once you’re starting to cross over the tracks, never stop. Keep going through the intersection
  5. Abandon your car if it stalls. Never try to move it across the tracks by pushing it!

Train crossing safety is very important for Alabama motorists. Be on the lookout, and stay safe out there.