Do I need a lawyer after a Hit-And-Run Accident

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Being involved in a hit and run accident is undeniably traumatic and at times, it can leave you severely injured. Moreover, you may find yourself left with more problems if the driver isn’t ever found. A lot of hit and run victims are left pleading with their insurance company to be properly compensated. But the most common question asked by victims is, should they hire a lawyer? Well, yes as a personal injury attorney can significantly aid you in getting what you deserve after a hit and run accident.


A lawyer can help you prove a liability if the driver is known.


In cases where the driver is found after a hit and run accident, he or she will be held liable for some type of criminal charges. However, even if the driver is convicted you will still need to prove liability in your civil case. May sound simple, but certainly not. And this is why it’s a must to get a lawyer that will help you establish all the legal requirements to prove that the driver should be held responsible for the hit and run accident.


A lawyer can help you gather supporting evidence.


You will have to present evidence to prove that you’ve been injured in a hit and run accident as well as the extent of the injury you suffered. Like proving liability, you may think that any evidence will do. Well, not quite. Not all evidence is acceptable to a court or to an insurance company. This is another big reason to let a professional lawyer handle the evidence gathering that will support your claim.


A lawyer will ensure you meet deadlines and respond to communication.


If you sustained severe injuries, you will need enough time to recover. Moreso if you incurred partial, total, or permanent disability. Being in any of these situations will make it almost impossible for you to focus and work on all the demands that will sustain your claim. A personal injury attorney can do so much for you by ensuring you meet all the deadlines and speaking on your behalf on important communications.


A lawyer can sometimes stop unfair insurance company tactics.


There are hit and run cases where the driver was never found. This means that no one will be held liable and the only way to get compensation is through your insurance company. Unfortunately, there are insurers who’d make the process of receiving compensation as difficult as they can. Without a lawyer, you might end up being stripped of your rights. Being properly represented will avoid this and will ensure you’re protected as well as to do their best to get you the compensation that you deserve.


A lawyer will help you seek all damages.


Only a small percentage of people without proper legal training knows and understands how to properly calculate damages for a personal injury claim. And if you’re among those who don’t, then let an attorney do the work. A personal injury lawyer will be able to come up with a solid monetary value to help you get fair compensation. Your lawyer will increase the chance of you getting most of your needs addressed like funds to cover your medical needs, future treatments, medical devices or equipment etc.


A lawyer will help you get a fair settlement.


Even if your claim doesn’t have to go to a court battle, you will still have to face a difficult battle and that is negotiating with your insurance company. Having an experienced personal injury lawyer could help make things easy for you as well as speed up the negotiations while ensuring you get a fair settlement.


taking your injury claim to court


A lawyer can take the trial to court as deemed necessary.


In cases where settlement isn’t possible, the only option you’ll have is to take your case to court. And only a seasoned lawyer with litigation experience can give you the best chance of winning, as well as getting fair compensation for all that you’ve suffered from the hit and run accident.


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